Everyday we all struggle. We are all recovering hypocrites. As soon as we choose to live every moment for God and against ourselves, we can truly understand redemption as something we receive and not something we earn.


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  • Let Go, My Ego

    I’ve been thinking how much an Ego negatively effects our lives.   I am in a place, now, that I am able to recognize and acknowledge my struggle with ego and how it’s effected my life, faith and sense of self worth.   Though I wasn’t aware of it, at the time. Now I reflect […]

  • Worrying Sucks

    Worrying sucks the joy out of your life. It sucks the peace from your presence. And it can eventually suck the health right out of your very being. Worry is something all of us do. Some of us do it with great enthusiasm, while others do it a little more reserved. Some keep it to […]

  • Zakk

    This past weekend, I spoke to a group of teens from Ohio. It was a great weekend and God did great things. But what I wanted to share with you is what happened on my flight to the retreat. You see, I usually don’t like striking up a conversation with the person next to me […]

  • The Greatest Thing You Will Do!

    The greatest thing you will ever do is parent a child. It is the greatest calling a person could ever have. It is a calling that we have to do whole heartedly and unashamedly. But one that we will not be able to do perfectly. We should do it with an understanding that patience will […]

  • Employees of a bullet proof manufacturer testing a bullet proof vest.

    Be Thankful!

    Being thankful is a vital part of living an emotional, spiritual and physically healthy life. Having the ability to be thankful is a characteristic that each of us should cultivate. Many people are the furthest thing from thankful for things in their lives. Some complain about their family dynamics, some about their financial situations, some […]

  • Cycle

    On the bike

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Recovering Hypocrite delves into the insights gleaned during the journey of coming to terms with his personal double standards, but also challenges you along the way to see if any of his hypocrisy mirrors your own. The variety of interactive experiences allows you to dig deeper, laugh louder, and instantly become a part of the Recovering Hypocrite community. 

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