God Reveals Truth In A Wood Shop

This Christmas, I wanted to surprise Susan and my boys, by building two Christmas gifts for them. I wanted to attempt to build a kitchen island and a skateboard ramp. (the skateboard ramp was not for Susan)

It was during the building process that God really showed me something.

The build was taking place in my friend, Robert Moore’s shop. Robert and I stood in his shop, he listened to my thoughts about what I wanted to build. We then scribbled them out on paper, figured out our dimensions, what all we’d need and how much the materials would cost.

After purchasing the needed materials, we began work on the two projects.

It took a couple of weeks, of me sneaking down to Roberts and working on the things, to get them done before Christmas. But during the process, God revealed to me more about the power of our thoughts and what else is needed to ever see our our thoughts (or ideas) become a reality.

Here’s a video I shot about the experience, where I share what else is needed to see our thoughts become a reality.

The Battle For Our Thoughts


Lately, I’ve been thinking and talking about the power of our thoughts. As well, how important it is that we “take captive our thoughts” and transform our minds from focusing on negative things and replacing them with a positive mindset. You can see a few videos I’ve shot on the subject, on my Facebook page, here.

The fact is, so many of us have allowed ourselves (more specifically) our minds, to be transformed from a positive outlook to a negative one. Not that we are constantly a negative person. But with the bombardment of media influences, social media topics, political discussions, life experiences, etc. many of us have allowed ourselves to become more negative focused than positive.


It always amazes me how one little spark of light will always push back any amount of darkness. No matter how overpowering the darknesss seems to be, one small spark will always push it back, to be able to shine. In our world, it often seems dark. This video is a reminder that true light, will never be overpowered by the darkness. But rather, LIGHT will always shine.



Do you remember when you trusted? Trusted people, the motives of others and what the bible says? What happened? In life, things happen that seem to tarnish our trust. We go from a child willing to trust because it’s what comes natural. To a person who is merely waiting for the next painful wound to come at the hands of another. What was it? A parent didn’t keep a promise? A friend talked about us behind our back? A relationship was destroyed because of cheating? Or our prayers don’t turn out the way we’d hoped? Many things seem to come along with intentions of crushing our trust. Which in turn can crush our hope.

Has your trust in people, in life or in God been wounded, torn apart or even destroyed?

Living life without trust (or hope) is a miserable thing. It’s not the way God intended us to live. And it’s not a formula for experiencing true joy, in life.

Now I’m not saying that when someone stabs us in the back, we simply forgive, give them back the knife and turn our back again, hoping they don’t plunge it into our back again. But what I am saying is, letting go of all the bitterness and choosing to live in trust, instead of a cynical distrust, is a much better option. Maybe we will get hurt again. Actually, I can pretty much guarantee that we will. But thats just a part of life. None of us will make it through this life, without being hurt at sometime or another. But living, knowing we will experience hurt and yet choosing to live seeing the best in people and choosing to trust, gives us a better chance at true joy and in life, than the alternative.

I know you’ve been hurt. I know your faith, at times, seems so weak. And I know, many of your dreams have yet to be fulfilled. But please, please don’t continue to live in the dark despair of distrust. That is the way the world lives. And remember, though we are in this world, we aren’t to be of this world.

So then, if you have died with Christ to the influences of this world,
why do you still make decisions as if you were living in the world?
Colossians 2:20

Today is a new day! A day to live, a day to love, a day to trust and live in hope.

Let Go, My Ego

No Ego

I’ve been thinking how much an Ego negatively effects our lives.


I am in a place, now, that I am able to recognize and acknowledge my struggle with ego and how it’s effected my life, faith and sense of self worth.


Though I wasn’t aware of it, at the time. Now I reflect back, to what I believe was one of my first struggles with ego.

I was a short and scrawny kid that fixated his mind on succeeding in a sport that was dominated by much taller, more talented and gifted athletes. Though I feel that I reached a little higher than most expected me to do so, it came at a price. A price that has effected me in many areas of my life.


Today, I am trying to be very conscious of ego’s nasty head trying to rise up and take prominence in any area of my life. As I’ve gotten older, it’s a little easier to recognize. Or maybe it’s not because of my age, but because it’s a topic I’m more keenly aware of these days. (Because I know plenty of “grown up’s” who don’t seem to realize their ego is alive and well). Ego is a character and personality killing enemy, that can completely rob you of truth.


You see, ego can and will rob you of the truth of your self-worth and your true identity.


You are not successful because you’ve successfully founded a business or earned loads of money. You are not who you are because of your status in society. Or because your position within your career has brought you a level of popularity. You are not above your neighbors because your kids aren’t in prison or on drugs. You aren’t better than others just because your marriage hasn’t ended in divorce. And your identity or self worth is in no way associated with your credit score.


But your ego will try to convince you other wise. Just like my ego had convinced me that I was, who I was, because of basketball.


In basketball, my ego drove me. I was successful, if I played well and proved that I was better than the next guy. But it was short lived because I’d have to prove it all over again the very next day. Or the next time someone said or thought other wise. And if I didn’t do as well proving it the next day, then my self-worth was worthless. I’ve even felt myself feeling the need to defend my playing ability 30 years after my days on the court. And That’s pathetic! But recently, when someone gave their opinion, that I wasn’t that good “back in the day” (or as good as they were), I had this urge to defend myself and prove I was who I was. That’s seriously pathetic and what ego will do to you.


But why?


We can easily buy into the lie, that our ego’s give us. The lie that…

“We Are-Who We Are” because of:

what we do,

what we did,

what others think of us,

or what we have.


But that is simply a lie. Ego robs us of truth.


The truth is…

What defines us should be our true self, that God created. Not the one striving so hard to be accepted by others. But the one created by God himself. The one who is valuable simply because God loves them. Not because of what they have or don’t have.


The acronym for ego is (Edging God Out). And that is such a good word picture for it. Because that’s exactly what ego tries to do. It edges God out of the way, so we have to do it, we have to accomplish it, we have to be good enough.


Sadly, my struggle with ego continued on into my ministry. For years, I was who I was, because I spoke at this event or this many events a year. Or because this many people gave their lives to the Lord at something I spoke at. Or because of the Christian “celebrities” I got to meet or hang out with (which is one of the most pathetic things we create as the church, in my opinion). My self worth or identity seemed to be based upon “how” my ministry was doing. Or what others opinions were about my ministry or speaking ability.


But after my divorce and the seven long years between then and now, I have struggled with a roller coaster of emotions regarding my self worth and my identity. Mainly because my ego kept telling me, “I was who I was because of what I accomplished in ministry”. That’s what made me successful. Which in turn meant that because it had seemed to all come to an excruciating halt, I was not successful any longer. And that has been a secret war waging in my soul and mind for several years.


Until recently.


Because, now I know, that…

*I am who I am, because of Christ. Not because of my own accomplishments or the opinions of others.

*I am successful, because God can’t be anything but successful. And if I’m in Him and He in me, that’s what make me a success.

*My self worth and identity is solely based on (and because of) Christ. Nothing else. Not your opinion of me, not my level of popularity and not any amount of money.

I now, see ego everywhere I go. I see it rise up in me (and I try to quickly try to choke it of the fuel it needs to survive or thrive).

I see it in sports stars, hollywood celebrities, junior high students, high school coaches, grocery store clerks, business owners, politicians, preachers, the president and parents.

Ego doesn’t care who you are or what you do. It only wants to rob you of knowing the truth of who you really are and what truly gives you value.

If you recognize a struggle with your ego rising up in your own life, do yourself a favor, own up to it and do whatever you need to, to get rid of it. It isn’t your friend and it will only rob you of your true identity and self worth. Not to mention, force you to spend needless time proving yourself to others, who aren’t any better or successful than you are. And who aren’t impressed with your outcome anyways.



Disappointment is a part of life. How we handle it, is what builds character (good or bad). We will all experience disappointing times. Sometimes by the actions of others, life’s circumstances or our own performance or choices.

Last nights Superbowl game was not very super, from my perspective, because I was rooting for Payton Manning and the Broncos. Despite the “someday soon” hall-of-fame quarterbacks past performances and legendary track record, it just didn’t turn out in his favor. (more…)

Worrying Sucks

worrying sucks

Worrying sucks the joy out of your life. It sucks the peace from your presence. And it can eventually suck the health right out of your very being.

Worry is something all of us do. Some of us do it with great enthusiasm, while others do it a little more reserved. Some keep it to a limited basis, while others seem to worry more than they breathe. But everyone does it at some level or another.


This past weekend, I spoke to a group of teens from Ohio. It was a great weekend and God did great things.
But what I wanted to share with you is what happened on my flight to the retreat.

You see, I usually don’t like striking up a conversation with the person next to me on a plane. I most often put on my headphones and zone out into my own little world while flying. Flight conversations can be uncomfortable. Everyone is already invading everyone else’s personal space. And sometimes, they can be painful because your neck begins to hurt from having to look to one side (if the conversation last very long).

I know I probably miss out on meeting some interesting people. But when I’m about to go speak at an event, the plane ride is usually my only opportunity to just zone out and think about what God wants to say through me at the event. Not to mention, I’ve never been offered a job opportunity by the guy sitting next to me, on a plane. Nor have I ever been handed a winning lotto ticket for free. Or had signed over, the deed to beach front property on a tropical island.

But this time I spoke up…